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About Us

About us

Here at Shipley Cane Corso we love the Cane Corso Italian Mastiff! And it's this love that has motivated us to breed this fine dog! When buying our first Cane Corso we weren't even thinking about breeding and we don't do this for a living, we were like 99% of people, we wanted a great house dog, with a great temperament, good around friends, family, kids, and one that could still protect if ever needed.  This is what seperates us from most breeders, we have been in the buyers shoes and we know what the buyers want.


This is not the type of breed that you want to cut corners with and if you do you will probably learn a hard lesson. If you plan on owning a Cane Corso as a house dog around your family and friends you need to put temperament first and since all of our dogs are house dogs we know they have great temperaments because we are around them day and night. Also since they are apart of the family we get to see them interact with all types of people, kids, and other different scenario's. This is why we have become so popular and also why most of our puppies sell out well before they are born.


About us

As a breeder we take full responsibility for our puppies. We care very much about our dogs and puppies and our goal is to find them perfect homes. There are 1000 places you can buy a Cane Corso from, but when you buy a Cane Corso from us you will get a Big, Beautiful, and Loving dog with a great Pedigree, a 2 year health guarantee, and even a temperment guarantee (which a lot of breeders don't offer).


If you are interested in learning more about our puppies, dogs, or us please contact us by phone or email anytime. Yes we are up late almost every night, so even if it's 2am in the morning give us a call, it's a good chance we are available. If you email us you will receive a fast email back, ask any questions you need, we are here to help you and hopefully find you your next puppy!






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