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I Love You! Scroll Down For Instructions…

Please take this message VERY seriously. Below you will find rules and instructions that you need to follow today…

#1- Today you will be asked to do a lot of small things. Each small thing is VERY important. There is not one detail that is not important. Because of this I am trusting you to follow everything precisely. Please do not make changes to or skip any detail no matter how insignificant you might think it is. Somethings you will not understand why you are doing them, but trust me and get them done please.

#2- I have given my phone and computer to my assistant today. They have been given STRICT instructions on how to guide you through today. So when you call or text me you will NOT be talking to me, it will be my assistant helping you out.

#3- My assistant will not be picking up the phone, the only contact will be through text messages.

#4- No text message outside of dealing with instructions will be answered. My assistant will only answer questions that pertain to instructions.

First Set Of Instructions
#1- Text my assistant (remember they have my phone, so send it to my number) a picture of the flowers that you received today.

#2- Cancel any and all plans you have for the rest of the day after work.

#3- Make sure to eat a big lunch and grab a snack from a vending machine or store, something like a small bag of chips or a granola bar. Don’t eat the snack, save it for later and make sure to bring the snack with you when you get off of work.

#4- Take a picture of the lunch that you ate and the snack that you are saving and send it to my assistant.

#5- Once you get off of work at 6pm take a selfie picture of you inside your car and send it to my assistant. DO NOT drive off at that point. Wait to get a text message from my assistant with your next set of instructions and follow those instructions closely.

Have A Nice Day!

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