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Angelina May Olaoluwanike LeLe Shipley

Hi Shipley Family!

Thank you for making a video and sharing Angelina’s name with us. We love Lele and the meaning behind it.

Her name Olaoluwanike (pronounced Oh-La-Oh-Lou-Wa-Knee-Kay) means “The Wealth Of God Deserves Pampering”. We also made a video and listed the meaning of everything below. Enjoy.

Nigerian Naming Ceremony

Lime- represents the hurt and betrayal that are unavoidable during our life. It also represents the ability to overcome bitterness by retaining dignity, composure and self-worth.

Honey- represents the ability to appreciate and remember the sweetness and goodness of life.

Sugar- represents power greater than oneself that have nothing to do with our individual intelligence, skill or power. It is solely due to the goodness of God.

Salt- represents wisdom and balance in making life choices as well as flexibility, creativity, moral balance in making choices and decisions.

Cayenne pepper- represents resilience in response to crisis and tragedy.

Palm Oil- represents the ability to move towards inevitable death with confidence and grace and reverence for the foundation laid by those who came before you.

Water – represents the fluid of life and the willingness to change

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